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UK Manufacturing and Customers Returning from China

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UK contract manufacturer of finished devices Europlaz has seen an increase in customers returning from China after the promise of Chinese outsourcing has not quite lived up to the reality.

Europlaz chief designer and project engineer design and develop products in partnership with the customer, taking into account end user satisfaction as well as efficient manufacturing.

Europlaz chief designer and project engineer develop products in partnership with the customer, taking into account end user satisfaction as well as efficient manufacturing.

As the Chinese economy grows wages are increasing and this has a huge impact on the cheap prices that once manufacturing in the UK could just not compete with. There is also the cost of visiting and ‘checking up’ on manufacturing processes in China as quality standards are not necessarily adhered to in the same way as here in the UK.

It is this uncertainty bringing customers back to the UK. Lead times are obviously high when you take into account the distance; a regular supply on a 4-6 week wait is manageable, unless of course there is a problem with stock. One mistake or oversight can mean obsolescent stock, wasting time and money throughout the entire supply chain.

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Medical Roller Clamps

Europlaz have developed a range of roller clamps to meet our own demand and also to sell to third parties.

Roller clamp by Europlaz Technologies UK  Rolelr clamp and colour, large volume available

Roller clamp for 6.8mm tubing

There are two sizes of clamps, the smaller clamp, code ‘SRC001’, fits 6.8mm (0.268 inch) OD tubing.

The second clamp fits larger tubing with a diameter of 9.6mm (0.374 inch) OD tubing. Code for the larger size clamp is ‘LRC001’.

9.6mm tube roller clamp. clamp device to fit 9.6mm tube

Large Roller clamp for 9.5 mm tube

Both roller clamps are available immediately with high volume capacity. Europlaz is a medical device manufacturer already serving global markets with varied, high specification medical devices.

The clamps are available in any colours, subject to discussion.

Please contact katy.okeeffe@europlaz.co.uk for a quote price and samples.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Technical Measuring equipment for novel medical device manufacture in a cleanroom

Here are a selection of  photographs of new machinery in cleanroom three at the Europlaz manufacturing site in Southminster, Essex.

Europlaz have been investing heavily in new equipment over the past two years following the major investment in our newest class 7 cleanroom. Here you can see a new Faro Gage Plus machine – a  portable measurement arm offers accuracies up to .018mm and a 1.2m working volume. This has allowed us to replace any cluttered inspection area with one tool that can accurately do it all.

For a full list of machinery and our capabilities please feel free to contact us on 01621773471..

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Large injection moulding machine within a cleanroom in the UK

Medical and technical Injection moulding within a cleanroom, Essex, UK

In this picture you can see the 300 Tonne Injection Moulding machine at work – this is one of the largest injection moulding machines currently in a cleanroom in the UK. Europlaz has over 40 years experience of technical and medical injection moulding.

Cleanroom technology - techical hot plate welder used to make medical device

Hot Plate Welder within cleanroom 3 - Used to weld micro wire on specialist medical devices - medical manufacturing.

This is a real piece of kit – the hot plate welder uses a robotic arm and microscopic measurements for the most accurate medical device manufacturing.

Europlaz are always keen to show off our site and cleanrooms so please call to organize a site visit if there is something you wish to discuss.