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Apprenticeships at Europlaz

In the past year two full time employees of Europlaz have completed an apprenticeship in Performing Manufacturing Operations.

Europlaz Apprentices Luke Gibson and Steven Percival - completed December 2014

Europlaz Apprentices Luke Gibson and Steven Percival – completed December 2014

Luke Gibson has worked at Europlaz for seven years and decided to take on the apprenticeship to expand his knowledge and learn new skills. Since finishing the course he has taken an interest in Injection Mould Setting and is currently completing an in house training programme along side our more experienced setters.

Steven Percival has worked at Europlaz for two years, he started in production before quickly being transfered to the tool room. Today he is an assistant tool technician and is a valued member of the team.

Through the apprenticship Steven discovered he has exceptional maths skills and could be a skilled engineer. This April Steven is going on to start his level two Diploma in Engineering at Chelmsford College. It is a day release course and will really test and expand the knowledge and skills needed in the tool room at Europlaz.

Both apprentices worked very hard during their course and Europlaz is extremely proud to have them on the team and to watch them both grow and develop in confidence as well as in practical knowledge.

We look forward to putting more young people through apprenticeship courses and wish Steven and Luke every success.

Europlaz Staff Newsletter October 2014

Newsletter 2014 p.1 Newsletter 2014 p.2

Latest news from Europlaz Technologies with articles on staff engagament, a new MRP system and our apprentices.

We are Recruiting…

HR and Training Manager (Part time)


Europlaz, a fast growing company, requires a people focused and organised HR and Training Manager.

Job search

Main areas of responsibility:

  • Recruitment
  • Induction and staff management
  • Performance management – engagement
  • Training and compliance
  • Equality and diversity

As a medical device manufacturer we are subject to FDA and ISO 13485 regulations which do influence how HR and training needs to be carried out and recorded. A manager with experience of engagement and getting the most for and from a work force would be an advantage.

Part time role with flexible hours to suit – This role has the potential to become full time as the company grows and the department develops. Hours of work can be negotiated to suit circumstances but will need to be at least 20-25 hours per week.
Kiddicare vouchers available
Up to 22 days holiday plus bank holidays
Ongoing training and development

• Minimum of 4 years’ experience in HR
• Up to date and extensive knowledge of good HR practice and legislation
• Excellent communication and diplomacy skills
• Good attention to detail and organisation
• MS word and Excel
• Reliable and self-motivated
• Team player
• Approachable and people centered outlook

Closing date for applications is March 1 2015

To apply please send a CV and cover letter to

Call 01621773471 and speak to Katy or Emma if you would like further information.

Europlaz Medical Manufacturing Newsletter

The latest Europlaz Technologies staff newsletter provides information, our latest news and an insight into projects taking place within the company.

Europlaz Staff Newsletter December 2013

Europlaz medical manufacturing staff newsletter

Europlaz has expanded to accommodate two new cleanrooms and further design and development offices

News and events at UK manufacturing plant. Newsletter

Page two of Europlaz staff newsletter – December 2013

UK Manufacturing and Customers Returning from China

Guest Blog for Medical Plastic News – click here for the full article

UK contract manufacturer of finished devices Europlaz has seen an increase in customers returning from China after the promise of Chinese outsourcing has not quite lived up to the reality.

Europlaz chief designer and project engineer design and develop products in partnership with the customer, taking into account end user satisfaction as well as efficient manufacturing.

Europlaz chief designer and project engineer develop products in partnership with the customer, taking into account end user satisfaction as well as efficient manufacturing.

As the Chinese economy grows wages are increasing and this has a huge impact on the cheap prices that once manufacturing in the UK could just not compete with. There is also the cost of visiting and ‘checking up’ on manufacturing processes in China as quality standards are not necessarily adhered to in the same way as here in the UK.

It is this uncertainty bringing customers back to the UK. Lead times are obviously high when you take into account the distance; a regular supply on a 4-6 week wait is manageable, unless of course there is a problem with stock. One mistake or oversight can mean obsolescent stock, wasting time and money throughout the entire supply chain.

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The UK Plastics Industry: A strategic Manufacturing Sector

The UK Plastics Industry A strategic Manufacturing Sector

The BPF has published a discussion document entitled ‘The UK Plastics Industry: A Strategic Manufacturing Sector’.

The BPF are encouraging comment from the industry for use in further discussions.

The remainder of this post is a quoted directly from the BPF document:

Conclusion and Key Messages for Government
The plastics industry is critical to the success of UK Government’s manufacturing strategy. Due to their versatility plastics are now essential for most manufacturing and distribution industry sectors. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Sandra, from Europlaz

Birthday cake and flowers europlaz

Europlaz cleaner, of over 20 years, turns 65 today

blowing out cake candles

Sandra blowing out her candles

The fight for cake begins

Happy Birthday - we all hope you have a great day.