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Medical Roller Clamps

Europlaz have developed a range of roller clamps to meet our own demand and also to sell to third parties.

Roller clamp by Europlaz Technologies UK  Rolelr clamp and colour, large volume available

Roller clamp for 6.8mm tubing

There are two sizes of clamps, the smaller clamp, code ‘SRC001’, fits 6.8mm (0.268 inch) OD tubing.

The second clamp fits larger tubing with a diameter of 9.6mm (0.374 inch) OD tubing. Code for the larger size clamp is ‘LRC001’.

9.6mm tube roller clamp. clamp device to fit 9.6mm tube

Large Roller clamp for 9.5 mm tube

Both roller clamps are available immediately with high volume capacity. Europlaz is a medical device manufacturer already serving global markets with varied, high specification medical devices.

The clamps are available in any colours, subject to discussion.

Please contact for a quote price and samples.

Europlaz, on reflection

Kellogs coco pops - Coco the Monkey bike reflector - Europlaz

Do you remember these falling out with your breakfast cereal in the mornings?

Kellogg's coco pops - Kylie the kangaroo bike reflector - Europlaz

Before Europlaz became a medical device manufacturing specialist we did much more important work… injection moulding and assembly of Coco Pop bike reflectors!

Coco monkey bike reflectors coco pop toy

Should we start a campaign to bring these back? Safe cycling for all..


The UK Plastics Industry: A strategic Manufacturing Sector

The UK Plastics Industry A strategic Manufacturing Sector

The BPF has published a discussion document entitled ‘The UK Plastics Industry: A Strategic Manufacturing Sector’.

The BPF are encouraging comment from the industry for use in further discussions.

The remainder of this post is a quoted directly from the BPF document:

Conclusion and Key Messages for Government
The plastics industry is critical to the success of UK Government’s manufacturing strategy. Due to their versatility plastics are now essential for most manufacturing and distribution industry sectors. Continue reading

2010 – We Held Our Own

This week European plastics news reviewed expansion and investment in 2010 as plastic and manufacturing industries continue to recover from the recession – 2010 – a tough but improving year. It is an inspiring read as manufacturing companies seem to be doing just that, recovering.

This post motivated me to look retrospectively at Europlaz through 2010, was it a tough but improving year?

Europlaz MD Eddie says of 2010 ‘All we did was hold our own, 2010 was a tough year as we lost work where long standing customers cut back their orders. Undeterred we replaced that work, and added revenue, with new and exciting clients. In 2010 Continue reading

Nobel Prize for IVF Pioneer

Europlaz has been developing an innovative IVF medical device for the past few years so we were delighted to hear the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine has been awarded to a British professor who pioneered in vitro fertilisation treatment. Continue reading

Medical Device manufacturing in a cleanroom

Europlaz Technologies has three state of the art cleanrooms at our Essex site, all are class 7 and accredited to ISO 14 644. All our cleanrooms are used solely for the manufacture of medical and pharmaceutical devices where hygiene is of paramount importance. Here you can see injection moulding, assembly and packaging of products.

Experiences of New Product Development in the Medical Device Industry | EMDT

Experiences of New Product Development in the Medical Device Industry | EMDT.

A survey of medical device professionals has revealed the factors that influence the development time and market success of new products. The vital elements that deliver commercial success are reported here.