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Medical Roller Clamps

Europlaz have developed a range of roller clamps to meet our own demand and also to sell to third parties.

Roller clamp by Europlaz Technologies UK  Rolelr clamp and colour, large volume available

Roller clamp for 6.8mm tubing

There are two sizes of clamps, the smaller clamp, code ‘SRC001’, fits 6.8mm (0.268 inch) OD tubing.

The second clamp fits larger tubing with a diameter of 9.6mm (0.374 inch) OD tubing. Code for the larger size clamp is ‘LRC001’.

9.6mm tube roller clamp. clamp device to fit 9.6mm tube

Large Roller clamp for 9.5 mm tube

Both roller clamps are available immediately with high volume capacity. Europlaz is a medical device manufacturer already serving global markets with varied, high specification medical devices.

The clamps are available in any colours, subject to discussion.

Please contact for a quote price and samples.

Sublingual Drug Delivery Device – SubEuro

Medical Plastic News Europlaz article

Article in Medical Plastic News about Europlaz sublingual device

MPN Magazine published an article about the Europlaz sublingual device in the latest magazine issue.

You can download the latest Medical Plastics News here.

A Breakthrough in Neonatal Monitoring

Neonatal Ventilation - oxygen monitoring device - Flow sensor

Neonatal flow sensor

Europlaz is an ISO 13485:2003 and BS EN ISO 9001-2008 accredited manufacturer, established in design and manufacture of medical products since 1975. Today, Europlaz specalises in fine tolerance assembly and complex injection moulding.
All manufacturing is done onsite in the SE of England with excellent transport links throughout the EU.

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New Medical Device Products – Sublingual Delivery System & Neonatal Flowsensor

The most recent medical devices developed by Europlaz can now be seen on our website.

For the past few weeks I have been making small but significant changes to – most importantly removing the antiquated products we had on display and replacing them with shiny new ones!

1)      Sublingual drug delivery system

Sublingual drug delivery device for malaria and opioid dependence

Sublingual drug delivery method is proven for opioid dependence

Patented by Europlaz in 2010

Read on for more information and other new products

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