About Europlaz

From Concept to Completion

Europlaz Technologies is a medical device manufacturer established in 1970. We specalise in complex medical manufacture and assembly within accredited cleanrooms.

In house we have design, tooling, storage and distribution facilities to compliment our manufacturing service.

In conjunction with a UK based pharma company, Europlaz have developed a number of patented devices which can be branded for use by companies internationally.

At Europlaz we pride ourselves on creating complete solutions for all your medical device manufacturing needs. Alongside all injection moulding and cleanroom assembly services we offer 3D CAD design, tool design; manufacture and maintenance, as well as sterilisation services, packaging, printing and CE marking.

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  1. Europlaz Technologies

    Europlaz Technologies is a leading contract medical device manufacturer based near London in the United Kingdom. With experience and LINKS throughout Europe Europlaz is perfectly placed to partner any US company looking to target the EU market. We have experience and knowledge of working in many countries and languages.
    With over 40 years experience servicing the healthcare industry in Europe specialising in medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and dental industries. We work with clients who range from international blue chip corporations to start up businesses.

    Typical products taken from inception to completion by Europlaz include drug delivery devices, disposable and durable products as well as surgical packs. Europlaz has the capability and facilities for design, manufacture, assembly, storage and distribution of complex and intricate products to all European markets.

    A strong focus of the business is in the production of sublingual drug delivery devices. Europlaz has been granted UK and European patents for its single and twin-dose sublingual drug delivery device; the US patent is currently pending. The device has been designed and manufactured by Europlaz Technologies
    All facilities within Europlaz are accredited to ISO 9001 and EN13485 and 2010 sees the completion of a new ISO class 7 cleanroom in addition to Europlaz’s otherwell established ISO class 7 cleanrooms. With the very latest state of the art technology we have the capability to provide you with exactly the products you require. Any product purchased from Europlaz has been manufactured following the Medical Device Directive.

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