Keep it British with TSI-Europe

Europlaz received the following marketing email from TSI-Europe this morning. It’s a pretty brash but effective plea to ‘keep it in Britain‘ by buying office stationery from a UK company with UK staff and UK taxes.

Do you think buying a product because it’s British is a good enough reason or is price always king?

Read the email here and let us know what you think @europlaz on Twitter.


Good afternoon,
Can you help to ‘Keep it in Britain’?
As a founder member of the ‘Keep it in Britain’ Campaign.   I’m writing to ask if you could help by buying more of your day-to-day supplies from businesses that are owned and operated in the United Kingdom.  Each year billion of pounds drains out of the UK when foreign owned suppliers move their income and profits overseas.   But we can keep more of our spending here and give a real boost to our country and our people – it’s a simple idea and it needn’t cost you a penny .
My own business, TSI,  is a great example.  We  sell computer equipment and office supplies.  All of our operations are in the UK and the owners live and work here.  We have no overseas call centres and we share our profits with our UK staff.  The jobs we generate and the taxes we pay on our profits boost the UK economy.   Because our staff live in the UK, that’s where most of their wages are spent.  Unfortunately many organisations are still buying office supplies, printer cartridges and lots of other items from foreign owned firms like Viking, Staples, Lyreco, Amazon, eBay etc.
With a bit of luck you’ll agree that it makes simple common sense to support the UK economy in this way – and you could start by ordering some supplies from us: please follow this link – THANKS!
Best wishes,
Alan Bowes, Managing Director, TSI
p.s. if you like the idea of this campaign please forward this email to your friends and colleagues.
St Giles Business Park, Pool Road, Newtown SY16 3AJ
Tel 0871 200 0697 Fax 0871 200 0698


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